How does it work?

Watch Mirror connects your Apple Watch and Figma design through the internet, and not directly. Because of that a pairing code is required.

Just like when visiting an island on Animal Crossing using a DodoCode™, when you open Watch Mirror on your Apple Watch a pairing code is generated and displayed.

On Figma, right click anywhere on the canvas, select “Plugins”, then “Watch Mirror”. A window will appear where you will need to enter the provided pairing code by the Apple Watch app. Clicking connect should fire things up!

If you don’t see Watch Mirror on the list, you need to use the plugin by visiting its page on Figma’s Community, making sure you are logged in, and clicking the “Try it out” button on the corner, then clicking “Run” inside your Figma file.

Can I navigate my prototype?

Yes. Ish. Basic navigation functionality has been implemented, but only for “On Click” interactions that “Navigate To” or go “Back”. Links, overlays and swapping are not available, as well as any navigation animation.

Those features are planned for future releases. Let us know if you have use for any of them.

I see an error message saying “The internet connection appears to be offline.”

Please update the app to version 1.2.0 or newer.

Apple removed support for WebSockets on watchOS 9, which is the underlying technology used by Watch Mirror. We have released a new version of the app that uses a different method, and will improve it over time.

After pairing, I still see the pairing code and no images appear.

This is a known issue we are investigating. Try clicking “Refresh” on the Figma plugin. If that doesn’t work, close and reopen the plugin on Figma, then on the Watch press and hold on the pairing code and choose “Reconnect”.

Is it secure?

Watch Mirror uses HTTPS connections between your devices and our servers, so attackers are not able to spy on your data.

Additionally, only two clients are allowed to connect using the same pairing code, so even if your pairing code is compromised, an attacker is not able to get access to your designs.

We only transmit images from Figma to the Watch Mirror app, we never store anything in our servers.

It is important to note that we do not provide end-to-end encryption at this point, which means our servers have access to the contents of the transmitted messages. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

I need to talk.

I can lend an ear. Or eye. If you have problems or have feedback, get in touch with Wes on Twitter or send an email to, and we (well, Wes) will get in touch soon.